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The New Generation is here! 

Kolohe Gurl’s “New Generation Collection” is here! Introducing the earth-friendly, no fuss and hassle free way to selecting and owning your Kolohe Gurl Jewelry!


What makes Kolohe Gurl’s “New Generation Collection” a no fuss and hassle free experience? Measuring your bangle diameter or cuff circumference is a thing of the past. Yes, ONE SIZE fits all! These styles are adjustable and flexible enough to transition with you. 

What makes Kolohe Gurl’s “New Generation Collection” earth-friendly? Say you don’t’ know what to do with your “New Generation” newborn/infant cuff that Grandma gave you at birth? Recycle it into a neck cuff center piece or ankle cuff. Send it back to me with your request and just pay for the labor and additional materials, if needed. 

How about recycling or incorporating your “out grown” jewelry pieces for a special wedding, birthday, anniversary or graduation gift? Imagine recycling your newborn/infant cuff and incorporating it into your daughter’s wedding? The options are endless!


Earth friendly can also mean passing on your Kolohe Gurl Jewelry as a family heirloom tradition. You can never get tired of sterling silver, pearls, shells, corals, crystals and semi precious stones ~ they last a life time!

(click on the pictures below to go shopping!)

Hand & Arm Jewelry

Ankle Jewelry

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