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Tahitian Pearl is a saltwater cultured pearl from the Pinctada margaritifera or Black-lip pearl oyster. These pearls are often referred to as black, but have a remarkable color range that covers the spectrum - from light, creamy white and grey, to regal greens, iridescent peacock and deep black. Tahitians come by their exotic dark color naturally, unlike black freshwater and black Akoya pearls, which have been irradiated or dyed.

Although Tahitian Pearls carry the name of the famous Tahiti Island they do not come from Tahiti. Tahiti is the main trading post for atolls that produce Tahitian Pearls. Black-lip pearls are farmed in French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, the Micronesian Islands, and even to some extent, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines, but only those grown in French Polynesia may be called Tahitian Pearls. When the pearl is the primary focus of the jewelry design, I like to recommend Tahitian Pearls. I use mostly "round" Tahitian Black Pearls in my jewelry pieces as they are the most valued.


Pricing is determined by the quality of the pearl chosen for your Kolohe Gurl jewelry (starting from $25-$100 per pearl). For pricing, please email or telephone (808) 282-9045. 

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